Vedic Durga Chalisa A7 Library Edition

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VEDIC DURGA CHALISA - Pocket Edition A7 (English) VEDIC DURGA CHALISA ‘Tatva’ means element and ‘Yog’ is Union with God. It is believed that humans emanate from the Panch Tatva (Five Elements) namely Earth (physical existence), Water (emotio...ns and creativity), Fire (mental power), Air (relationships) and Ether (higher self). It is the balance of these five elements that leads to Healing, Success and Self-empowerment. With a vision of connecting with God through the Panch Tatva, Tatva Yog has launched a wide range of spiritual products and Vedic Puja services.Tatva Yog is rooted in India’s rich spiritual heritage and aspires to facilitate the spiritual growth of customers by furnishing unique, handcrafted, and premium range of products and services. Come, dive deep into the mystical world of Indian spirituality and explore your heritage with inspired creations from Tatva Yog.
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The Vedic Durga Chalisa is a sacred hymn dedicated to Goddess Durga, the divine mother and embodiment of shakti, or divine feminine energy. Composed in the form of forty verses, or chalisas, it reveres the various aspects and attributes of the goddess, invoking her blessings for protection, strength, and victory over obstacles. Rooted in ancient Vedic traditions, this chalisa carries the essence of devotion and reverence, offering solace to devotees in times of distress and seeking divine intervention in their lives. Through its verses, the Vedic Durga Chalisa illuminates the profound wisdom and grace of Goddess Durga, guiding devotees on a spiritual journey towards inner peace, prosperity, and enlightenment.


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