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Rooted in India's rich spiritual heritage, Tatva Yog aspires to facilitate the spiritual growth of customers through an understanding of Indian spiritual practices, high quality products and services. With products designed as per Vedic traditions handed down over generations, Tatva Yog seeks to infuse homes and work spaces with spiritual vibrations, abundance & positive energies and bring divine protection and grace.

Tatva Yog is your one stop shop for all spiritual needs, backed by a robust supply chain and our own network of reliable and knowledgeable pandits. Come, dive deep into the mystical world of Indian spirituality and explore your heritage with inspired creations from Tatva Yog!


As one sits in preparation of prayer and meditation, the mind and body needs to be readied. Fragrances have long been the favoured medium for calming the mind and soothing the senses. As the aroma spreads, the soul prepares to elevate itself to a higher level of consciousness. At Tatva Yog, we have given the traditional use of fragrances an interesting twist by creating bespoke fragrances for divine forces who control our destiny. In-depth research has gone into creating each fragrance. Ancient mythology, beliefs and lore have been combined with the modern science of perfumery to bring unique and exclusive fragrances of Gods and Chakras. Enhance the power of your prayers with Tatva Yog’s specially created Fragrance of Gods and Fragrance of Chakras.