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Discover the profound power of India's spiritual heritage with Tatva Yog. Our name embodies our philosophy – "Tatva" (essential truth) and "Yog" (union with the divine). Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to empower individuals on their spiritual path through the rich tapestry of India's ancient wisdom. Rooted in India's timeless spiritual heritage, Tatva Yog is dedicated to providing organic and chemical-free products that resonate with the essence of Vedic traditions. Our offerings are meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from generations of spiritual practices handed down through the ages.

At Tatva Yog, we believe in infusing homes and workspaces with spiritual vibrations, abundance, and positive energies. Whether you're seeking sacred rituals, authentic spiritual products, or insightful guidance, Tatva Yog, your trusted one-stop shop for all spiritual needs, is here to support you on your spiritual journey.

Embrace your spirituality. Discover TATVA YOG.


Prepare your mind and body for prayer and meditation with Tatva Yog's unique fragrances. Discover your divine connection with Fragrance of God collection, inspired by the Gods you worship. Experience the transformative power of our Fragrance of Chakra, harmonizing your energy centers for inner balance and alignment. Embrace the essence of India through our Fragrance of India collection, blending ancient wisdom and modern aromas to evoke the spiritual essence of India’s heritage. Elevate your spiritual practice with Tatva Yog's unique fragrances, where tradition meets enlightenment.